Heathlands Animal Sanctuary

Registered office: 13 Eastfield Road, Royston, Herts SG8 7ED

(Please note, no dogs are kept at this address)

Registered Charity Number 1067970

Having a pet is not a right, it’s a privilege.


This poor girl, frightened and confused when dumped at the pound became incredibly stressed and started self harming. Fortunately there are rescues out there who will take on these poor soles and rehabilitate them and not just give them a death sentence. See Jessie’s page for her full story


JESSIE - a sad story looking for a happy ending

Teagan Story

Heathlands is run solely by volunteers, not one person takes a wage, which means every penny we raise goes on the animals we save.  

We don’t have our own kennels. Our animals are kept in foster homes, allowing us to assess them in a home environment which gives a much truer picture of that animals personality.

Unlike the major rescues who “never put a healthy dog down” we like to give the poorly ones a chance of a happy life too.

Please read Teagan’s Story

What’s so different about Heathlands?

As many of you know we rescue a lot of dogs from Irish Dog Pounds where the kill rate is high. We take dogs out of these pounds and place them in the care of Dundalk Dog Rescue in Ireland who make sure that our dogs are passported and legal before entering the UK. Passports take 22 days to achieve and during this time we pay €6 per dog per night. You can see what an expense this is costing us thousands every month. DDR have now secured land and are building their very own rescue centre. We want to help them. Heathlands, Hundar Utan Hem (in Sweden who also take Irish dogs) and DDR will join forces to run these kennels at a fraction of the cost and with state of the art facilities

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Nelly's Story

NELLY - no one deserved the chance of happiness more, even for the short time she had left


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