2yrs JRT possibly a bit of chihuahua male

Bart is a sweet little dog but is very under confident with other dogs. This can sometimes cause him to react negatively when he meets them. However he has mixed with all of mine and after a bit does relax and then is not bothered at all. He will need someone who understands this issue and will continue to take him forward and socialise him and not avoid other dogs. It is only fear making him react. If you check him before he meets them and he knows you are in charge of the situation he doesnt react at all so not naughty - just a big woosey!

 Very friendly, loves cuddles and is a total lap dog. Really playful and has bags of energy.

Clean in the house and will sleep just about anywhere as long as he has a blanket to snuggle in.

Would probably prefer to be the only dog. Could live with a bold cat but he tries to follow mine about and gets told off by them a lot!