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Lottie's file
Bichon/Poodle cross
18 months

About Lottie

Lil Lottie is a tiny, 4kg bundle of fun, bold, feisty mischief! Typically, whoever had her from a puppy didn't bother to teach her anything at all but despite this, she's not a difficult dog to live with. She gets on well with my 20kg dogs & keeps up with them! Love's a good walk, likes everybody & enjoys a sofa cuddle at home. She's a bright little button so i'm sure she'll pick things up at training classes with calm perseverance. Lottie will need to visit a dog groomer every 6-8 weeks for clipping which will cost around £40-£50 so you will need to take this into account. Dog savvy kids of 10+ as she's so small, she's rather fragile! Bold cats only - she will chase!