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Jack's file
Samoyed cross
7 years

About Jack

We've decided that for Jack to be happy, he's going to need a home with one or more dogs, already in the house. He can get quite distressed when left home alone, pacing, whining & howling - he actually doesn't bark! - but will settle much better if his foster sister is with him. As you can see from the photos, he prefers to walk, eat & sleep with another dog close by!

He's finding his paws now, enjoying the creature comforts of dog beds & blankets, discovering toys, appreciating more human contact & generally just learning what it's like to be a well cared for dog.

He just turned a very young 7yrs old & sadly, spent the last 4yrs in a yard, 24/7 with 2 other dogs. He will need a bit of patience & understanding as after so long being ignored, he's not as gregarious as you may expect from a Samoyed type. He's learning to greet other dogs more politely but will need ongoing lead work as he's understandably, still very excited to meet other dogs out at the moment - well, he's not been walked for 4yrs either! Sled dog experience would certainly be of benefit.

Lovely, easy boy in the home, totally undemanding, just wants to be with you or dozing in a big comfortable bed.