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Stanley's file
Tibetian Spaniel cross
18 months

About Stanley

Stanley is a young & playful, cute & cuddly little guy with some basic training, who's bright & eager to please. He's good in the house, happy to entertain himself with toys, loves his walks, is good on the lead & already has fairly good recall.

He currently lives with 3 other dogs who are helping him to learn some manners & give them a bit of space when interacting, as he can push his luck with dogs as well as humans! He would love a playful friend to live with, probably a bitch would be best but he would be happy to live alone too.

Stanley can be anxious out on walks when meeting unknown dogs but this is improving due to the fantastic work of his foster mum. He will need more work socialising & so is looking for a home that is committed to continuing this training. (We will assist with this)

Just because Stanley is small & cute, doesn't mean he's a lap dog! He will need rules, boundaries & leadership so he can understand his place. If he's allowed to do as he pleases in the house, he will think he can do as he pleases when out. This will lead to unruly behaviour, an unhappy owner & an unhappy dog.

All in all he is a crackling little dog, ready and waiting for his forever home. He's already been let down twice by humans. Let's make it third time lucky for him.

Adult only home as he's worried by children.