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Dodo's file
Pomeranian mix
2 years

About Dodo

Dodo is a happy little dog but was not always so. In fact he was nearly left at the pound as he was very snappy whilst in there. However on speaking to the lovely pound staff we decided he was probably just really traumatised by what had happened to him - dumped basically. We decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and we are very glad we did because he really is a lovely little dog. He loves to give kisses, is wiggly, waggy and just wants cuddles. However, as he has been a little snappy in the past we would not rehome with young children. He seems absolutely fine now, even fine at the vets the other day for his vaccination (for his first one he had to be sedated) & is showing no signs of being distressed. I think he knows he is safe now. Dodo (real name he was chipped) or Dodie as we call him, is a super little dog. He will love you to bits. He needs boundaries, stability and TLC, we think will be fine from now on. Give him a chance to prove it. No cats