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Keane's file
Medium cross breed
1 year

About Keane

Keane has had a very rough start to his short life. Taken in by rescue a few months ago at just around 8 months old, carrying a painful & wasted back leg. He has since had surgery on a hip injury which the vet believes was probably caused by being hit by a car.

He has been recovering in foster & is walking much more evenly now, though will still need to build more muscle on that leg & won't be a candidate for the more high energy doggy sports.

He is however, an extremely bright dog, so needs stimulation & would excel at all sorts of brain games & retrieval excersies. He'd probably do really well at assistance dog type training!

Keane will need a strong leader with lots of time for training & long lead walks. He's a very affectionate lad, loves all people, including kids & travels well. He can be reactive when out meeting other dogs but this is improving with training & we are happy to assist with this. No cats or other small furries.