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Bellisima's file
Mixed small/medium
3 years

About Bellisima

Bellissima is an absolute darling! Polite, obedient & great with other dogs. She walks beautifully on the lead and her recall is good. She is sweet & gentle meeting people & other dogs.

On arrival however, she was absolutely terrified & was a nervous, unhappy girl in foster as alone, without other dogs to help her confidence, guidance & security. The secret to the change in her, is that she's now in foster with a pack of 6 dogs!

She is still anxious in new situations but is doing incredibly well getting used to noises & other unfamiliar things. We must stress that she will need a MULTI-DOG household. Bella gets a great deal of confidence from a well balanced, friendly pack. Without this security, she will become anxious & unhappy again.

The right home for Bellissima would be with two or three confident, gentle, well behaved dogs. Ideally, a quiet adult home. She also needs a confident owner who will not nurture her anxieties but help her become more independent. She is adapting so well, see confident dogs coping calmly with new situations & follows their lead.

There is no doubt this dear little girl must've been in a pack her whole life. We don’t mind waiting for the right home to come along as she is not a bit of bother and will continue to flourish when adopted by the right people. Her nature is very submissive, she just curls up in her own bed next to her six foster brothers & sisters or we curls up with one of them. She has so much joy and love to give. Fine with bold cats