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COVID-19: We are now open for rehoming again, with a few changes to the normal process under the current COVID-19 guidelines. This includes video home checks & meeting dogs outdoors, maintaining social distancing.
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Kai's file
Small/medium mixed
2-3 years

About Kai

Kai is a very sweet & cuddly little guy once he's learnt to trust you. He has basic training, sit, wait, stay, recall & can walk nicely on the lead. He loves toys, particularly a ball & will happily play by himself.

Sadly, Kai is an anxious boy & so will growl & snap to warn off other dogs & people until he knows them. For this reason, he needs to wear a muzzle when out in public as a precaution, as some people, as well as dogs, don't always take the hint to leave him alone! He is not an aggressive dog, just a worrier so he needs a strong, confident & experienced owner, to give him firm boundaries, guidance & futher training to help his confidence. Kai is very bright so teaching him commands is fairly easy. He's also quite a springy, bouncy clad so I expect he'd enjoy some agility.

Kai is fine with with people he trusts - you can handle him, play with him, groom, clip nails etc - & with other dogs he knows, expect with food or toys which he is rather possesive about so he needs to be an only dog in the home. Adult only home. No cats