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Kai - Updated

Kai - Updated's file
Small/medium mixed
2-3 years

About Kai - Updated

*Update from foster parents*

'Kai is still a little uncertain when meeting some dogs, can barks and put on a show but is generally much better now & walks with other dogs like normal.

He’s great around the house. 4 paws on the ground floor all the time, house trained, knows sit, down, wait, is gradually learning “thank you” as his release, goes to bed happily and clearly a clever boy.

He still very excited by food and as a result learning new things is quite quick and backed up by boundless energy. He will try everything he’s learned to earn a reward. He generally gets anything new very quickly & hide and seek with his teddy is always fun)
To Pru and I, he is a real softy, loves scritches, will play and share his toys with us, loves being groomed and although he regularly tests boundaries, he’s still learning and settling in really.

He has the potential to be a fantastic friend to someone / a home of adults who are experienced dog owners, willing to keep up the training and brain games.'

Kai is a very sweet & cuddly little guy once he's learnt to trust you. He has basic training, sit, wait, stay, recall & can walk nicely on the lead. He loves toys, particularly a ball & will happily play by himself.

In the past, Kai has been an anxious boy around other dogs & people until he knew them. For this reason, he can sometimes need a muzzle when out in public as a precaution, as some people, as well as dogs, don't always take the hint to leave him alone! He is not an aggressive dog, just a worrier so he needs a strong, confident & experienced owner, to give him firm boundaries, guidance & futher training to help his confidence. Kai is very bright so teaching him commands is fairly easy.

Kai is fine with with people he trusts - you can handle him, play with him, groom, clip nails etc - & with other dogs he knows, expect with food or toys which he is rather possesive about so he needs to be an only dog in the home. Adult only home. No cats