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Brandon's file
Collie cross
2 years

About Brandon

Brandon is going to be a bit of a project dog for someone who has the experience, time & patience to work with him. He’s a perfect gent in the house, loves his crate, doesn’t chew and knows what items are for dogs and which are not! He sits, waits, gives his paw and lies down. Very clever and loves being mentally stimulated.

He can react with fear & a defensive attitude in situations he finds stressful. He doesn't cope well with shouting, particularly from men, it seems likely that he's had some harsh treatment in the past. He needs thought and awareness from a sensible owner that has the time, ability & will to put the work in.

Brandon would be fine as an only dog, or with other sensible dogs. He’s not really bothered about playing with them but the influence of a calm dog may be beneficial.

He could potentially be homed with older, sensible teenagers. A multi-grown up house hold could be good for him as there would be more people to put the work in and so he doesn’t become too attached to one person. Variety and generalisation seems to help him in his foster home. No cats.