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Brooke's file
Collie cross
4 years

About Brooke

A very scared and timid girl when she arrived. She was kept on a long line initially but after a few days we were able to take it off. Brooke will always be looking for an escape route, needing doors to be open, or she just runs into them & is worried of being trapped (slowly improving) or grabbed by the collar. She is more confident with our dogs around & originally would only come up to us if we were fussing one of them. She is also more confident in the garden. Brooke is very noise/movement sensitive and anything can send her fleeing to her crate (which she is very happy in). She will be your best friend one minute, seeking attention and fuss, but then be wary of you minutes later. Brooke can be mouthy, and in excitement will hold on to things, like your hand or clothes, easily corrected though. She also jumps up when excited, which we are working on. Although wary of people, she does like to be around you and will bark if she can’t see you. This is getting better; however, it is hard to correct when she is already so nervous. She is generally quiet in her crate and is very happy to be in there. Lovely girl who will make a fab pet in the right hands. We're looking for an adult only home for Brooke with a friendly, steady dog already in the household to help her with confidence. Okay with bold cats.