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Carys's file
Small/medium mix
1yr-18 months


About Carys

Carys is an beautiful, unknown mix of breeds, long backed & short legged with pronounced 'Queen Anne' legs & a fluffy coat. She's about 11kg.

She has settled in well with her foster family, likes her people but she can be a bit cautious of men. She gets on well with all the male dogs in the foster home but isn't keen on other bitches.

Carys has discovered toys & will fetch a ball, knows her name & comes running in from the garden when called. Lead walking is a work in progress as she's still anxious of the big wide world but is improving each day.

She needs more, gentle introductions to things out walking once she's gained some confidence. She would really benefit from some training classes & confidence building.

Carys likes a lot of fuss & to have some fun, as you'd expect with such a young dog. She does like being with male dogs but we think she’d also be okay as the only dog in the home as she seems to love being with people. She craves company so will need someone who is around most of the time. A real sweetie with a cheeky personality!

Kids 10+. Fine with bold cats