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Roxie - Update

Roxie - Update's file
German Shepherd
2 years

About Roxie - Update

Roxie is a beautiful, petite girl, with all the usual GSD traits. She is quick to learn, intelligent & switched on. She is loving, kissy & likes to cuddle up.

She will need a Shepherd experienced home, could live alone or with other dog/s for company. She does like company & can suffer from some separation anxiety.

She's polite on meeting dogs out walking, just wants to play, she's always up for a game.

Roxie sleeps through the night, is house trained, asks to go outside. Travels beautifully harnessed in the car.

She will need more training, as she pulls through sheer excitement, jumps very high & is bouncy through sheer happiness of seeing you!

Roxie will initially bark at men & can be skittish for about 24 hours until she gets used to the man, then she will settle.

An absolute corker of a dog who just wants to please you. A very loyal girl, once she gives her heart to her chosen human, they will have it for life!

Teens plus. Not cat tested