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Aston's file
Golden Retriever
1 year

About Aston

Aston is a bouncy, friendly youngster, he's clean in the house, walks nicely on the lead, has some recall & enjoys a game of fetch. He's very foodie & a bright boy so further training won't be difficult as long as you have a pocket full of treats!

This young lad hasn't had the best of starts & so has missed out on some basics. He's learnt that by misbehaving, he can get his own way so he needs firm boundaries & a strong owner who won't feel sorry for him & let him get away with it. He isn't a bad lad, just a bit mixed up. He mixes okay with other dogs but will try and have everything for himself so again, needs a tough stance on that. He would benefit from living with another dog, preferably a confident bitch who will put him in his place if he's being cheeky!

That said, he's got the makings of a cracking dog with the right input. He can be left for a few hours but would rather be with you. Really handsome boy with loads of potential. Adult only home. No cats.