Heathlands Animal Sanctuary

Registered office: 13 Eastfield Road, Royston, Herts SG8 7ED

(Please note, no dogs are kept at this address)

Registered Charity Number 1067970

Having a pet is not a right, it’s a privilege.

As a fosterer with Heathlands you will be provided with everything you need to care for the dog from crates to bedding, food, leads, everything is covered. We have full back up from dog trainers and a behaviourist.

You will provide a loving secure home. Training where needed and have prospective adopters come to view the dog at your home so you can give them first hand information on your charge.

Ideally you will be able to take your foster to one of our approved vets for neutering etc (all done on account) although if you don't have transport we can usually arrange for another fosterer to help you out.

Fostering - What’s it all about ?

At Heathlands we don’t have our own Kennels. We use foster homes for our dogs as we feel you can only really assess a dog properly when it is in a home environment. In kennels dogs can act completely out of character through stress.

We are a family at Heathlands, we all work together for the same goal, to rescue and rehome as many dogs as we can because they deserve a waggy ever after, every last one of them.

Yes we cry when they go to their new families, but they are tears of joy and the knowledge that because of us they had a chance to find that family. The next one is waiting for their chance. Please consider joining us. It really does save lives.

call 01763 244488 and leave a message and someone will call you for an informal chat (usually within a few days depending on how busy we are with new dogs coming in)