Jessie is a young German shepherd, who found herself being surrendered into the pound. Her family were apparently moving and couldn't take her with them.

Jessie was in the pound for a couple of weeks before the heros at Dundalk dog rescue rescued her from death row.

Unfortunately there were no foster homes available, so Jessie was housed in the holding kennels for 21 days awaiting transport to us here at Heathlands Animal Sanctuary.

During her time in holding Kennels, the dedicated volunteers who go to walk the dogs regularly noticed Jessie was displaying some odd behaviours.

She was extremely strong on lead and frantically tail chasing at every given opportunity. This made it very difficult to walk her. One volunteer in particular spent a lot of time with Jessie, walking her in very difficult circumstances.

After a vet check, it was decided to give Jessie a course of diazepam, in the hope it would curb her stress and calm her enough to work on her problems. The diazepam made it easier to get her out walking. But she remained in kennels, which Jessie clearly couldn't cope very well with.

Jessie was eventually transported with a group of other dogs to Heathlands Animal sanctuary, this in itself must've caused her huge stress. Unfortunately we didn't have a foster home immediately available to her. This meant another spell in kennels.

On Monday 8th May, a foster home became available to Jessie.

Jessie was confused and extremely stressed when she arrived to her foster home. Spinning and grabbing her tail. When she caught her tail she would hold onto it frantically whilst crying through the pain. Totally heartbreaking to see.

Claire her foster mum had Jessie on a lead tied to her waist whilst she got on with daily life, stopping any spinning in its tracks by checking the lead and praising any good behaviour. Jessie soon learnt what was expected of her.

Jessie has now been in her foster home for 5days. She is like a completely different dog.

With the help of a rigid routine, firm boundaries, good walks, a corrector spray and the right kind of love and affection Jessie is walking freely around her foster home, and has been enjoying runs on a long line with her doggy foster brothers and sisters.

She has not spun or grabbed at her tail for 2 days!!

Jessie has a lot to learn in terms of manners. She is a typical shep Bitch, can be quite 'gobby' in play. When over excited she jumps up. She can be very in your face.... all of this is being worked on and she is learning quickly.

Jessie needs all of what's been learnt in her foster home to continue. She needs a leader with strong, firm boundaries. Jessie needs someone who is going to focus her mind and keep her busy. She needs 2 good walks a day and she needs to be socialised with other dogs regularly.

Above all Jessie doesn't need her owner to feel sorry for her, she needs somebody with a lot of love to give.... but for it to be given constructively and not to pander to her stresses and anxiety.

Jessie is living with 5 other dogs in foster. Whilst she is coping very well with this, we don't feel that a multi dog household is a must. Jessie can live with older 'dog savvy' kids no younger than 10 years old, she can be quite mouthy.

We believe in the right home Jessie is going to be a super girl and live a long happy life as a normal dog!!

Jessie is a credit to Dundalk dog rescue and Heathlands Animal sanctuary, proof we don't give up on dogs easily!!