Heathlands Animal Sanctuary

Registered office: 13 Eastfield Road, Royston, Herts SG8 7ED

(Please note, no dogs are kept at this address)

Registered Charity Number 1067970

Having a pet is not a right, it’s a privilege.

This is a monthly lottery to raise much needed funds for Heathlands Animal Sanctuary. Numbers cost £1 each. There are 2 ways to play.

1. You can set up a standing order and play the same numbers each month (see instructions in the article on the right)

2. You can play via paypal in the current months draw only and you will be allocated the first numbers available in numeric order payments must be sent as payment to a friend  to heathlands_monthly_draw@outlook.com

Any payments not sent in this way will be returned and you will not be entered into the draw If you do not have paypal you can get someone else to send the money for you but make sure they put your name in the comments box. You will receive a confirmation email with your allocated numbers within 24 hrs. If you do dot receive this email please check payment details are correct.

   50% of the money raised will go to Heathlands and the other 50% will be the prize money. The draw will take place on the 28th of each month entry will close at 6pm and the winning number will be drawn at 8pm. The winning number will be drawn using a random number generator and will be filmed and uploaded as proof of fairplay.    Winnings will be paid back through the payment method used to purchase the winning number


Lotto Result

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Welcome to the new improved Heathlands Monthly Lotto Draw!

So, what’s new? You can now choose set numbers and pay by standing order each month!

Step 1 Email heathlands_monthly_draw@outlook.com and request your regular numbers to be used each month. I will check if those numbers are available for you. Once your numbers have been reserved proceed to step 2

Step 2. Set up your Standing Order for the 28th of each month to the account 08-92-49 03314007 D Miller (this is an account I have that is used exclusively for Heathlands) Quoting Lotto. This Payment will be for the draw the following month i.e. payment made 28th January to play in February lotto


You can still pay via paypal to play in the current month’s draw and be allocated your numbers too (payment must be sent with the friends and family option)