Milo is a 5-6 year old golden Labrador - naturally a smaller and slender type but currently very overweight. He`s a lovely happy boy, always wagging and smiling. He`s also very active despite his weight and loves his walks and toys and is always ready for a game. He has a tendency to guard his toys if there`s another dog to compete with, but doesn`t bother if the other dog isn`t interested.

He`s very sociable with people and dogs alike. With people, he`s immediately cuddly and loves attention and affection; with dogs, he`s interested and friendly - likes to say hello and then goes about his own business. He needs a little more lead training as his energy and enthusiasm cause him to pull on a short lead, but he`s great on a flexi and has good recall when off-lead. He`s well-behaved around the house, too, and settles very well after his walk and overnight.

Milo needs an adult only home with people who will manage his exercise and diet so that he will return to a fit, healthy weight. He could live with or without another dog and has lived with cats previously. He`s an intelligent, sunny-natured boy who will become your very best friend!