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Everyone on this page is highly recommended and most are connected to Heathlands Animal Sanctuary Heathlands Animal Sanctuary in some capacity.

Dog walking

If you are stuck for someone to walk your dog for whatever reason—work commitments, ill health etc.—then please contact us at Heathlands. We have fully-insured dog walkers who are also foster carers and helpers, making them very responsible and doggy-friendly.

Call Karen Barry on 01223 207823 and she will put you in touch with someone in your area. We cover most of the towns and villages near Royston.

Dog training

Looking for someone to train you and your dog? Call Gillian Knight on 01763 244488 and she will put you in touch with one of Heathlands' own trainers or with a recommended trainer in your area.

Tips for choosing a dog trainer

  • watch them in action first
  • are they pleasant and sympathetic?
  • are their own dogs obedient and trained off the leash?
  • manhandling your dog is a no-no!

Holiday boarding for rabbits and small pets

Call our trustee Gillian Knight on 01763 244488.

Does your rabbit need grooming?

Call us on 01763 244488 and ask for Gillian Knight.

Holiday care for pets

Trustees Karen Barry and Gillian Knight can often board your small pets, but if you are looking for someone in your area for pet visiting, boarding or pet sitting then give us a call on 01223 207823, as we do know reliable people who could help you relax and enjoy your holiday knowing your pet is in safe hands.

Dog & cat grooming

Call Karen Barry on 01223 207823 if your dog needs grooming or your cat de-matting. Show clips or mutts cuts—every pet will look gorgeous and she will even design a cut specifically for your crossbreed. Shamper pampers start at £20 for a double wash, condition and groom.

Dog socialisation training

If you are looking to get your dog more friendly with other dogs then give us a call. We can help with lead aggression, over-the-top play, and shyness. We have lots of non-reactive dogs to help yours mix and play nicely.

Please call Karen Barry on 01223 207823 if you are interested.