Heathlands Animal Sanctuary

Registered office: 13 Eastfield Road, Royston, Herts SG8 7ED

(Please note, no dogs are kept at this address)

Registered Charity Number 1067970

Having a pet is not a right, it’s a privilege.


Everyone on this page comes highly recommended. Most are connected to the Sanctuary in some capacity.

If you are stuck for someone to walk your dog for whatever reason, work commitments, ill health etc, then please contact us. We have fully insured dog walkers who are also foster carers and helpers making them very responsible and doggy friendly. Just call Karen Barry on 01223 207823 who will put you in touch with someone in your area. We cover most of the towns and villages near us.

If you are looking for someone to train you and your dog, call Gillian Knight on 01763 244488 and she will put you in touch with a recommended trainer in your area. Please ensure when you are thinking of engaging a trainer, that you watch them in action first. Are they pleasant and sympathetic to the problems you are having? If they have dogs of their own, make sure that they are obedient and can be let off the lead to run free. If they can't - then the trainer is not that good. If someone offering training manhandles your dog, then again, not a good trainer. We are happy to advise and we have our own trainers available, just call us.

If you are looking for home boarding, we also know people who can offer this service, please call or email us for your nearest.


Trustee Gillian Knight will board your Rabbits and other small caged pets. She also offers a Rabbit Grooming service.

Call 01763 244488


Trustee Karen Barry will visit your pets at home while you are away on holiday to feed, care and heathcheck. Alternatively, they can board with her. Ex veterinary nurse and holding a City and Guilds Distinction in Animal Health and Hygiene, you can enjoy your holiday knowing your pets are in safe hands. Exotics catered for. If you have a parrot, reptile or amphibian - not a problem, neither are the more regular hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. Happy to prepare a fruit salad for your Amazon or your Tortoise.

Over 20years experience working with animals, call 01223 207823. References available.


Karen Barry is also a dog groomer and will even de matt cats. Show clips or mutts cuts - every pet will look gorgeous and she will even design a cut specifically for your crossbreed. Shamper pampers start at £20 for a double wash, condition and groom. 01223 207823


Voluntary helper Tracey Richards offers a dog walking service and training. She will even train on a walk! Socialisation problems and other behaviour issues can all be sorted just give her a call. Fully insured just call her on 01763 233052

or 07969 551041