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Lily & Mish

Lily & Mish's file
Poodle mixes
8 & 10 years

About Lily & Mish

Lily & Mish are a sweet, bonded pair of girls. Lily, the taller of the two, is about Beagle size & the younger dog. Even though it's early days, they have both settled well. They are happy to explore the garden & quite playful with their toys & balls which is lovely to see. Lily is definitely the leader of the two & little Mish quite happy to follow. They are excited to go on walks & walk well on the lead, Lily always slightly ahead of Mish.

They are both a little head shy & though fine when they meet women, they can bark, be nervous and on their guard with men they don't know. We expect this is just due to their recent change in circumstances. We would like a quiet, adult home for them as this is what they are used to. They will bring a lot of joy as great companion dogs. Okay with bold cats