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Sophie's file
Small/medium Terrier mix
9 years

About Sophie

Sweet, unobtrusive little Sophie, is a friendly, affectionate little shadow. Her favourite place to be is with her chosen human, wherever they are.

She's a leggy girl of 14kg, who wiggles her little stump of a docked tail with happiness to greet you & isn't fazed by being blind in one eye from an accident when she was young.

Sophie is otherwise very fit & agile, she has no trouble with a 1 hour walk at a decent pace & enjoys a run around the garden fetching a toy. Happy to hop in the car for a ride somewhere or just lay down & quietly keep you company while you work. Ideally, with lots of sofa cuddles in the evening!

She walks well on lead & is friendly with other dogs, both inside & outside the house. As she's a quiet girl, she can get pushed to the background by other dogs, so we think it would be nice for her to have her humans to herself. She is a fantastic companion dog & is so unobtrusive, she'd much prefer to go everywhere with you & will howl when left home alone at the moment. We believe this can be worked on & that she will get over it once she realises her human is definitely coming back.

Quieter home preferred but visiting young children are fine. Not cat tested